Melissa McPhail

Melissa McPhail is a rising star in the epic fantasy genre. Her audiobooks on Amazon Audible have featured in the No1 best-selling spot in the genre.

Over a detailed briefing phase we carefully discovered exactly what was needed and wanted in her new website. The overall concept was an immersive experience, submerging fans within the magical world of her novel series, “A Pattern of Shadow and Light”.


Melissa’s home page is a landing page for everything “A Pattern of Shadow and Light” related.

  • Front and centre are her beautiful books, inviting you to explore them further both in a full-width splash banner and also featured with individual blurbs. Both visual and written approaches thereby give a two-fold opportunity for engagement and sales.
  • The purpose of the website is to give a dedicated, fan-centred hub to really fully immerse fans in Melissa’s rich, fictional universe. Custom illustrated maps, pages of magical lore, character glossaries and world references show readers that this is where Alorin lives online.


We set up an email newsletter template to be used in her rapidly expanding fan email list.

The response to the email and general new website launch was overwhelmingly well received by fans.

Open rates ranked 25% higher than industry averages with click-through rates 17% higher than industry averages.

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