James Maxwell

James Maxwell has sold over 1 million books. He’s been on the Amazon top 5 best seller list over all books in all genres.

For the launch of his new series “The Firewall Trilogy”, he boarded the Rocket to give his website a complete rebuild. In his own words his “experience was of a passionate, dedicated group with technical brilliance and artistic flair”

James’s home page is a landing page summary for everything related to his various series, author bio and free ebook email opt-in.

  • The top banner immediately draws viewers into learning about his latest series, The Firewall Trilogy.
  • Individual Series overview and individual book overview pages help visitors learn more and buy.
  • Each series is framed in its own custom-designed branding display background setting.
  • James’s bio page features a rich, magical photoshopped image of him, along with a detailed author life story, and rich imagery throughout.
  • Many opportunities to sign up for his email list and receive a free Ebook feature in the menu, and on every page.
    James Maxwell - newsletters - The Online Author

We set up an email newsletter template to be used for his rapidly expanding fan email list. We created a sequence of emails, starting with the eBook download and letting his fans know of his new website.



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