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Let’s face it, authors are some of the most awesome, most influential people in the world.

Books literally create the culture of our future. Without you, we’d all have a pretty dull planet with no new ideas being born and circulating to keep us truly alive and aware as a species. Thank you for what you’re doing!

As the directors of our digital marketing agency, Rocket Expansion, we quickly realized that there was no other audience we’d rather serve more.

Almost by accident, perhaps by fate, we began taking on more and more author clients over the past year and a half. We quickly discovered that our creative and communication skills are a fantastically complementary match for the powerful community of thought leaders and culture shapers that the author community is made of.

Being the crazy crew of creative internet pirates that we are, we decided if we’re going to do this thing right, we’d better create a platform exclusively for our author friends

It would be a platform for authors to gain essential online marketing tools, skills, and strategies, a platform in which authors can hang out and learn from each other and, of course, a platform to offer our services.

And so, The Online Author was born.


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About Us

We’re a partnership built on love, business, and coffee.

The Online Author’s directors, Matt Ziranek and Sonja Graser, decided we would have a whole lot more fun working together and building something amazing than we would on our separate career paths.

It’s proven to be a great decision.

Matt Ziranek

Matt Ziranek

Digital Maestro

Matt comes from the visual arts. He’s done virtually everything visually creative you can imagine, from painting enormous oils on canvas to sculpting life-sized greek classics, to furnishing the insides of Russian castles with architectural enrichments.

He’s no stranger to the digital arts either. Matt has been digitally painting and building creative websites for the better part of two decades. Given the opportunity, he’d probably clone himself and create epic graphic and fantasy fiction art full time in a second body.

In more recent years, Matt fell madly in love with digital marketing, becoming SEO certified under a famed SEO project manager for PayPal and Airbnb.

If you feel like spending a day talking about content marketing, SEO and all things digital, give this guy a call. And tell him when you’ve had enough!

Sonja Graser

Sonja Graser

General Badass

If you want to choose the ideal, friendly, organized, uber-with-it project manager with a deep understanding of the arts and the creative mind, Sonja is your gal.

Sonja has a formal and professional grounding in graphic design, web design and general marketing. With a former corporate career in creative marketing for local and international lifestyle brands, Sonja has been a key player in creative marketing campaigns for two decades.

Her strengths lie in her telepathic ability to understand and exceed client expectations, and in her unwavering dedication to delivering service that, all-by-itself, consistently blows our clients away.

An adventurer by heart, she’s crossed the Atlantic by yacht, climbed the highest mountain in Africa, and is just generally a badass.

The Online Author Tribe

About You

Our adventure in the virtual world has made us many firm friends and allies. If you aren’t already one of them consider this your invitation to connect with us.

We know that our mission with The Online Author is only as valuable as it helps those we serve. So this platform is really all about you. We aren’t one of those “don’t talk to me I’m too busy to interact” agencies. You can literally schedule a call with Matt right here, right now and get free advice on your author marketing. In fact, he loves these types of calls.

We answer every single email coming in relating to author marketing and reply to every single genuine comment on our posts.

We’re also going to be featuring more and more content from accomplished authors and thought leaders on our platform. So if you have something valuable to contribute reach out and let us know.

We have a growing free body of content with everything from Author Websites, Author Branding, Audience Growth, Self Publishing, and Content Marketing.

Join the The Online Author Tribe

We’re constantly finding out from our members exactly what you’d like to learn more about and who you’d like to learn it from. One of our welcome emails asks you exactly this (so be sure to answer that one!)

We send emails to let you know about new content available about once a week (only the good stuff that is actually useful for authors to know about).

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